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More than a boundary or a sealed border, the paratext is, rather, a threshold, or – a word Borges used apropos of a preface – a “vestibule” that offers the world at large the possibility of either stepping inside or turning back. It is an “undefined zone” between the inside and the outside, a zone without any hard and fast boundary on either the inward side (turned toward the text) or the outward side (turned toward the world’s discourse about the text), an edge, or, as Philippe Lejeune put it, “a fringe of the printed text which in reality controls one’s whole reading of the text.”
(Genette, Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation)

paratxt.org is a loose ravel of apparitons of diverging qualities (webservices, events, artefacts, …) surrounding a journal which is to be published quarterly. Its goal is to interloop the physical groundwork and substantial media practices, the bricolage of materiality, with the theoretical publications of the journal, thus perforating the accustomed structural narratives of reality in their appearance.

The journal itself is neither confined to a specific topic, nor to the formal restrictions of scientific discourse. Yet we are going to choose — in a common effort — one topic per publication, which we deem to be politically relevant. The chosen topics are the results of the aclinic and momentary configurations of our community. They will provide a conceptual orifice, a fringe organ, structuring an uplink to their ambient discourses. In its current shape, the advertency of our community loosely surrounds the fields of media studies, aesthetics, as well as philosophy of technology.

paratxt.org is not a legal entity. All articles published on this website remain in the ownership of the concerning authors. Within the use on paratxt.org, they are published unter the CC BY-NC-SA license. If any third party is interested in using one of the articles in a way that is not covered by this license, she’d have to make a private agreement with the concerning author.

Our webservices are hosted on our own hardware, using solely Free and Open Source Software as well as open standards. We are mainly using those services to provide an independend platform for publication, as well as for exchange and communication within the community of writers who participate in paratxt.org. Nonetheless, we also offer some of those services to other progressive communities or individuals who are interested in opposing the ongoing re-centralization and privatisation of internet services and technologies. We are doing so without financial interest. Yet, donations, invitations, as well as your encouragements of any kind are welcome at any time. You can find our bitcoin adress at the bottom of this page. Donations are going to be used to maintain our infrastructure.


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